Wellness Travel and Why You Should Try It

So what is wellness travel?

Ilike to call wellness travel a facelift for your soul. It’s a vacation with the added bonus of new self-discoveries. The goals for these trips are simply to refuel your body, mind and spirit. You will return home healthier than when you began along with the inspiration to keep it going.

What does it look like?

First, they are held in places that instantly inspire. Then, you are offered a menu of options to choose activities that fit your style and purpose. It is not all green juice and yoga, unless that’s your thing. Count on there being plenty of opportunities for healthy eating, fitness, nature walks and serene environments. These trips take you away from your usual routine with quiet tome to unwind and recharge. Part of the beauty here is that you choose what’s best for you!


What’s in it for me?

Think of it like a stepping stone to a better you. It’s a vacation without negative consequences of overindulgence. You can disconnect to reconnect. You will gain priceless knowledge about yourself, about food choices and mindful practices with benefits that will long outlast your vacation.

Why travel, can’t I do this in my backyard?

Sure can, and that’s great too. Setting aside time at home to unplug and reflect is just more difficult because there’s always something calling your attention. If part of your routine involves a vacation, why not try something and somewhere new? Science has a lot to say on the subject of health, happiness and travel – and the results all point to just go!


Is it expensive?

Yes and no, it’s up to you to decide which way to go. While an all-inclusive wellness trip can be pricey, this is the one-stop shopping. An all-inclusive trip guide will meet you at the airport and take care of all the details. If you’re on a budget, with a bit of research, you could take things in your own hands to create a trip by visiting one of the many wellness centers popping up across the world. What is expensive though, are doctors and meds that could possibly be avoided by learning a lot about self-care.

Are you ready?

If a jump start on your path to better health sounds good, then you’re ready. If you’re one who never puts yourself first, then you’re ready. If you are seeking alternative, preventative health approaches or just looking for a shortcut to fast rejuvenation, this kind of trip is definitely worth looking into.


How do I get started?

Begin by looking at websites that promote wellness travel and give them a call to ask for testimonials from former guests. Some questions to ask are:

  • What are the accommodations?
  • What activities are available?
  • Are there any extra fees?
  • Do the programs match my activity level?

You can also try researching programs in these top rated wellness travel locations: Bali Indonesia, Costa Rica, Tulum Mexico, and Sedona Arizona.

When you think about enhancing overall well-being and happiness, perhaps wellness travel should become a part of your vacation experience? Wellness travel is not a trend; this type of vacation answers the call to anyone looking for meaningful and educational travel experiences.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about wellness travel, or my women-only boutique tours, please contact me!