Wanderlust Through The Courtyards of Worth Avenue

Why These Magical Courtyards in Palm Beach Are A Must See.

Envisioning elegance from the countries of Italy and Spain, the founders of Palm Beach accomplished a dream. They wanted to give visitors more than just an area to spend their money. Their desire was to create a feeling… the kind that transports you away from America to the romantic streets of Europe.

With over 200 shops and cafes along the avenue, one does not truly experience a visit to Palm Beach without a stroll here. Please don’t miss the side streets, called vias, on each side of the avenue. There are eight charming courtyards waiting to be explored.

Worth Ave

Whether you’re into couture fashion or just window shopping, the take away experience of Worth Avenue’s unique ambience is quite remarkable. Put on your walking shoes, the fancy ones, and venture to this magical place where old world architecture meets modern retail shops.

Keep your eyes open for the small signs at each via’s entryway.

Here are a few tips on wandering Worth Avenue’s Vias:


Via Parigi
Parigi means Paris in Italian. It is also the name of a tiny village in the province of Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Notice the tiled stairways, original stained glass windows and flowering trellis.


Via Mizner
Named for Addison Mizner, the Palm Beach founder responsible for the artistic design concepts of the Worth Ave. courtyards. Look for the 2 graves with tombstones, tucked into Pizza Alfresco’s outdoor restaurant, nestled in a fern garden. The graves belong to Mizner’s pet monkey, Johnnie Brown and Laddie, a dog whose owner lived here post Mizner.


Via Roma
Roma for Rome, of course, the eternal city. Be sure to look up at the end of the tunnel to see the octagon skylight shining sunlight as bright as diamonds.


Via Mario
Mario, a common man’s name in Italy was derived from the Roman name Marius. Home to the town’s noted florist, Tom Mathieu, this is a charming spot for a picnic or a rest on the garden benches. Makes one wonder if they can create a garden like this at home.


Via Bice
Bice, a slang term for traveler, this alley pulls you in to its sky blue arched walkway where you’ll discover Venus de Milo. The statue is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The original statue is currently on permanent display at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Via Demario
Blooming orchids in a zen like environment complete with a bubbling fountain and playful statues. Here, you’re convinced you might not be in America anymore.


Via Amore
Amore means love in Italian. This via is also known as Via Gucci to the locals, as the designer’s team used to live and work here. Enter through the iron gates to see the mural of Picasso, sculptures, terraces with flowering plants everywhere.


Via Encantada
Encantada, or a formal greeting of ‘pleased to meet you’, is recognized by the yellow walls and crisp white chandeliers. Once inside, delight at the pastel spiral staircases and a larger than life pink rose statue.

Let yourself be taken away, if just for an afternoon, to a place you can’t help but daydream. We are now offering day tours of Palm Beach, please let us know if you’d like to spend an afternoon exploring the Worth Ave Courtyards with us.