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Experience Based Travel

These all-inclusive packages include extraordinary excursions tailored to your personality and requests. Things like local immersions, educational excursions and private guides.

Custom Travel Itineraries

For the do-it-yourselfers who are looking for a few pointers, a quick chat with us may be all you need. Not sure where to go? We’ll play matchmaker.

Solo Travel

When you have a dream to see more of the world, don’t give up just because you don’t have anyone to travel with. We get it – because we do it often and it’s how we got started in the business. You’re not alone and actually the envy of many since you won’t have to compromise your travel dreams for anyone. Solo travel is on the rise and we know how to find the perfect fit, with your safety being the top concern.

Retreats & Event Planning

Complete business operations including travel arrangements, website, social media assistance, excursions, customer communication and bookings.

Wellness Travel

Looking for trips that cater to refreshing your body, mind and spirit? Our wellness packages offer destinations and modalities designed for big emotional, physical and spiritual health wisdom. Think holistic therapies, meditation and yoga or sound healing mixed with life coaches and healers.

Group Travel

Itineraries designed to keep your group happy. We work directly with each member so you don’t have to and customize the amenities until they’re just right.


Wait till you see the incredible values of our cruise prices! When you book your cruise with the Lotus Travel Company, be assured your cabin placement will be ideal, the ship will be perfect fit and you’ll feel like royalty with the extra perks we’re able to include just for you.

Expedition Bali Yoga Retreat

Why Lotus Travel?

Besides access to insider pricing, it all comes down to trust. We build your trip around you. Don’t be surprised if we ask a lot of questions about you – we get to know you before creating your trip. You can trust us to look after you from start to end because we take your trip personally.

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Custom Travel Itineraries

Do you have time to look through one million Google results? With a small investment why not take advantage of expertise you can rely on?

We remove the burden of the details by adding our insider knowledge, prolific contacts and exclusive access to transform an ordinary vacation into your experience of a lifetime. Think private transfers, local guides and meaningful excursions.

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