My Eat Pray Love Palm Reading In Bali

I heard all the rumors about the Balinese medicine man who now reads palms at the compound of the famous Ketut Liyer of EAT PRAY LOVE fame.

You see, Ketut passed away in 2016 and if you haven’t heard of him, this is what you should know; Ketut was a renowned gifted healer who achieved rock star fame after the release of the movie starring Julia Roberts, which in part, was filmed at his family compound in Ubud, Bali.

Liz Gilbert refers to Ketut as “a magnificent man who taught me how to sky-walk.”

Word on the street is, that the now wealthy family still sells ‘medicine man’ services, but the talent is only so-so compared to the legendary Ketut. What I didn’t know was that I would randomly stumble into this same compound on an early morning walk last month.

I cannot deny I had goosebumps when I saw the sign: Ketut Liyer’s House & Family after rounding a corner. Hell yeah I was going inside. Camera ready, I peeked through the gate and saw a woman walking toward the gate. “Hi, I’m Debbie from the states, are you staying here?” Turns out she’s from Texas and was a guest of the compound which now is a full service homestay and spa. She eagerly shared how much she enjoyed her time here and that her palm reading session was a lot of fun. She said that Ketut’s son, Nyoman is the new medicine man and he was also an apprentice to his Dad’s teachings.

How could I not go sit on the same steps as Liz and Julia for a chat with a medicine man?

Though they weren’t open for business yet (it was 7:30am), the manager took my $20 and said she’d find me when they were ready for my reading. For $20 you get a 15 minute palm reading and for $40 it would include a healing too. A Balinese healing is a blessing ceremony for good luck and prosperity. During the ritual, you watch the medicine man chanting and praying. He then sprinkles holy water on your head (three times) and gently places wet grains of rice on your forehead and throat because rice represents life in the Hindu culture.

When it was my turn, an assistant wrapped me in traditional and appropriate clothes to meet a medicine man. He covered my shorts with a long sarong and tied a pink scarf at my waist. I was then led to the porch to sit on a straw mat across from a smiling sweet man wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt! Below is the transcript, verbatim, from my recorded palm reading session with Nyoman.

I see you, pretty, smart, sweet. Good quality like that you keep more. I see your body healthy you eat good, but must keep discipline too. You sometimes too busy, don’t forget breakfast. Keep discipline for eat so you have good busy & healthy life. But not more, if you do more you have problem again, too fat you not good, too fat you bring problem here, not balanced.

For personality I see lucky. Now I check your line.

The first if life line. Debbie you have long life if Debbie happy, relax and be good person. I think you already have like that, very strong, very healthy. Job, financial, not problem, you have double job, not everyone can do like you. You are smart and clear. Not everyone has long life line like you.
See my line, is long like you.

Your lucky line is long too, very strong, very clear. Your brain line has too many branches here, very intelligent, strong, very creative again, too many branches, have multi talent but important have more be patience and balance. Don’t worry always pray.

Heart and love line, don’t worry, heart is very kind and soft, not everyone has like this. You same like my wife, my wife is 65 now and always good. I see only in love not lucky, you have problem like that. But you have partner 2 time, I see this clear 2 time partner only, already not lucky for you. Line is broken two times. If you meet someone with good talk, bring you happy, single is ok. Very important Debbie like that single is ok.

Now here you see, you will have live more than 90 years. If you meet someone bring you happy, if not ok like now. Of, now for baby, you enough with 2, you see, not again, now you waiting for grandson and granddaughter. Debbie, you very happy, you think you life is enough, like that , you understand?

You have success, you pretty, what you do you will be lucky. Me happy, Ok Debbie, bring your friend come to meet me, you book with my staff for spa now?

And now, my translation:

  • Be careful with eating too much, I can tell you like to eat. 100% true.
  • He probably tells all the women they are pretty, smart and lucky.
  • He was spot on with the two partner comment, twice married, twice divorced, and having two babies.
  • I will live to age 90!
  • It’s also really important you are content with being single.!?
  • Bring all your friends to me so I can make lots more money.

I must say, it was pretty cool hanging out at Liyer Spirit House, mostly because it was so meaningful to see the set of a movie I practically know by heart. Funny thing is, a few days later I did bring friends here, ladies who were also pretty, sweet and lucky too…

Do I recommend visiting? Yes.

If you enjoyed the movie Eat, Pray, Love – you will get a kick out of seeing this location. Leave any expectations at the gate and enjoy the movie experience.

You can find the location by googling Liyer Spirit House Ubud.

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