10 really cool facts about Palm Beach Florida

(That You May Not Know About)

Palm Beach is a town in South Florida, separated from the mainland by the Lake Worth Lagoon. It’s known for its glitzy estates and its beaches, including the long, sandy Palm Beach Municipal Beach. Worth Avenue is lined with upscale boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Art and antique furnishings are displayed at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, inside the hotel and railroad tycoon’s huge Gilded Age mansion.

Rent a legend.

You can rent Dr Oz’s home, Louwana Estate, an Addison Mizner design, oceanfront mansion for $95,000 a month. The 99 year old home’s name, Louwana, comes by combining the original owner’s name, Marie Louise Wanamaker Munn. This is the family who founded the Philadelphia department store, Wanamakers. Dr Oz purchased the property in 2018 for 18 million. The rental listing can be viewed here.

Find the Lilly.

Lilly Pulitzer (1931-2013), the famed Palm Beach clothing designer, thought it would be fun to incorporate her name in the patterns of her dresses. Look close and you’ll spot the ‘Lilly” signature hidden in her whimsical designs. Since the 1950s, Lilly Pulitzer items have been recognized as one of the iconic styles that represent the Palm Beach resort life.

The golden eagle has landed.

Driving onto Palm Beach island, via Flagler Memorial Bridge, keep your eyes open to see a bright golden statue of a majestic eagle in the median. The 450 lb. monument commemorates the Bicentennial of the United States and was donated by the citizens of Palm Beach on July 4, 1976.

Welcome, Aloha, Bienvenidos.

The iconic Breakers Hotel employs over 2,000 workers who are fluent in over 50 languages.

Spirits, oh my!

It is said that Henry Flagler’s second wife, Ida Alice Shourds , partook in Ouija board parties ( as was fashionable at the time), calling on other worlds, and was later declared mentally unstable. This made way for Henry to marry wife #3, Mary Lily Kenan.

Judy’s dress.

While staying at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Judy Garland left behind a blue sequined dress she was to wear at the inauguration of her friend John F Kennedy. Employees at the Colony Hotel tell the story how they delivered the dress to the airport where it was picked up by an Air Force jet on special delivery to Ms. Garland for the inauguration.

Man vs. Reptile.

Palm Beach
Florida’s first tourist attraction was held in Palm Beach on the spot where The Everglades Club stands today, at the end of Worth Avenue. Guests lined up in Victorian style clothing to be led through swampland and be entertained by Alligator Joe wrestling the reptiles. Alligator Joe’s story made headlines in major newspapers in the 1900s adding to Palm Beach allure.

A fireplace remains.

Though gambling was illegal, a popular private dinner club offered casino activities at Col. Edward Riley Bradley’s beach club, circa 1898, in Palm Beach. The building was razed upon the Colonels death in 1946, as per his will. However, a remnant remains – the fireplace. The fireplace can be seen today along Lake Trail in Bradley Park inside a renovated historic Tea House.

If walls could talk.

The estate, El Solano, on S. Ocean Blvd, was once home to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. This same home was originally owned by the by the Vanderbilts, then the McLean family (Washington Post and Hope Diamond owners) and briefly rented to Larry Flynt (Hustler magazine). Every December 8th, fans still pay homage to John at the gates of El Solano.

Tombstone for a monkey.

…and a dog. Tucked into the courtyard of Pizza Al Fresco on Worth Ave., you might miss seeing the two tombstones, if you didn’t know about them. One is for Johnnie Brown ‘the human monkey’, pet of the famed architect Addison Mizner. And the second is for Laddie, a golden retriever belonging to the Sachs family, who lived in Mizner’s home in the 40s. The tombstones are located under the trees, nestled amongst the fern garden directly in the restaurant’s courtyard.