How To Find The Lowest Priced Flights

Travel Agent reveals how to get the lowest price when booking a flight.

Who hasn’t experienced crazy search results when trying to book a flight?

First off, the booking engines fluctuate prices by the minute, then your browser cookies remember you visited a site before, and surprise surprise, the prices have increased on your next visit.

Think about it, if the booking engines like Expedia or Priceline show you the lowest fares, they don’t earn commissions. Plus, the majority of online booking websites are owned by the same few companies. Expedia Group owns Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire and more. See where this is going?

This site is the most powerful search tool on the Internet.

Developed my MIT computer scientists in the 90s, this is the most efficient flight search engine on the Internet. It’s called the ITA software matrix and is the brains that powers Google flights, in addition to being the only website that travel agents use to book flights for their clients.

How to Search the ITA Matrix

A few tips to begin your search for the lowest fare airfare:

  • Click here to go directly to the website
  • Be as flexible as you can with dates
  • Know that this tool can handle complicated searches
  • Southwest and Allegiant are excluded air carriers
  • Pay attention to all the options and tabs
  • Know that the search takes longer than you expect, be patient
  • Know that tickets cannot be purchased directly from ITA Software…but

How to Purchase Your Flights

Once your results appear, you can copy and paste them into this website Book With Matrix to buy your tickets. Another reliable option is to go directly to the airlines websites with your newfound knowledge.

While the above tips will undoubtedly find the best possible airfare, travel agents do this for a living and are the experts. Did you know the airlines stopped paying commission to agents 20 years ago?

It started when Delta corporate said they need to reduce costs… Immediately thereafter, the other airlines followed suit, sending travel professionals in a tizzy.

If you’re a traveler in a pinch for time, calling a travel agent is a great idea. You’ll get a real person on the phone that you can trust.  Expect to pay a service fee of about $50 for a domestic ticket and $100 for international airfare.

Even with a small fee paid to your agent, you’ll surely pay less than before you read this blog.