Why You’ll Fall In Love With Isla Mujeres Mexico

As a huge fan of tropical islands all over the world, it’s time I confess to my continuing love affair with Isla Mujeres Mexico. I keep coming back to this tiny gemstone (5 miles long) in the Caribbean Sea with a population of only 12,000. From my first steps off the ferry ride from Cancun over 10 years ago, I immediately felt something special & different about her, almost indescribable, like a coming home. I even went so far as to not share her name with others, in fear, by speaking her name, my secret getaway would be revealed. Isla Mujeres is a one of a kind island paradise with the extra flair only Mexico can provide. It’s also the opposite of its overly-made up step-sister, Cancun. Fast forward progress and thanks to thirsty travel writers, now everyone knows your name, your alluring beauty, your welcoming arms.



Spanish explorers called it Isla Mujeres – Island of Women

This is because of the many goddess stone images left there by the ancient Mayans, who viewed the island as the sacred home of Ixchel, goddess of love, fertility, and medicine. Once home to a few fishermen and pirates, Isla Mujeres now hosts less than 100 hotels and is the new hot spot for destination weddings.

Her powdery white sand beaches with turquoise ribboned waters are just one of her charms. Talk to any ‘islaholic’ and they will tell you it is the warmth of the locals that keep them coming back. Throw in the small village atmosphere of ‘downtown’, Hidalgo Street, where no cars are allowed, is where you’ll delight in her fresh seafood restaurants and souvenir shops.


On island, you are the boss of your days.

From beach relax to snorkeling or diving, outdoor massages, sea-glass hunting, whale-shark watching, taco eating, or a visit to the turtle farm are a few extra options. A must do activity though, is to rent a golf cart and slow drive the entire island in just a few hours. Her stunning cliff side views and hidden neighborhoods give you a real taste of her loveliness.


Picture yourself at one of the palapa open air bars…

Where wooden swings take the place of bar stools, toes in the sand, icy margarita in hand, nibbling on fresh chips with homemade salsa and creamy guacamole, while laughter and smiles surround you…..then you feel it. That great feeling of not having a care in the world. And as you watch the sun’s orb sizzle beneath the water’s horizon, you know for sure, you’re in love with her too.