How to Plan Your Own Wellness Retreat In Palm Beach Florida

Being good to yourself is the first step to help release tension.

If you’re like most people, you may find it hard to fully relax at home. Palm Beach Florida is a perfect choice for a wellness-themed getaway when “all things tropical” are your happy place.

The geography of Palm Beach is unique in that the coast extends far enough in to the Atlantic Ocean to bring it in close proximity (15 miles) to the Gulf Stream waters.

This means warm air and water temperatures almost year round. Have you ever seen water so blue it looks like liquid aquamarine jewelry? It’s no wonder their zip code is home to some of the world’s most rich and famous people.

By design and purpose, I call Palm Beach my home and take mini retreats all of the time as a part of my self-care routine and pursuit to explore wellness modalities. Why? Because it helps bring calm and clarity to my life, it’s that simple. Having previously lived in Bali with a traditional healing center on every corner, I consider myself qualified to source all things wellness related. Below you will find a sampling of recommendations for you to plan your own wellness vacation in Palm Beach Florida.

Make it a true wellness trip

You’ll want to give some thought on activities to enhance the three components of your “self” – your body, mind and spirit. Think of your wellness-focused trip like a purpose infused vacation where you can feel cared for and carefree. You’ll want to ultimately leave feeling motivated to make self-care a priority in your life forever.

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list”
Michelle Obama

How to Get To Palm Beach

Located only twenty minutes from the ocean, Palm Beach International Airport is a small airport that never feels crowded. If you are coming from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, try the elegant Brightline Train system for stress free- traffic free travel.

Where to Stay in Palm Beach

Decide what’s important in your accommodations. Make a list of things you need or want: Beachfront?  On site spa? Your need for room service? And, what about your budget? To help with your selection, a good starting point can be found at Discover The Palm Beaches website.

One of my favorite locations for retreats is Cranes Beach House, because it reminds me of Bali, Indonesia. With only twenty-eight rooms, there’s an intimate feeling of privacy here. You can opt for their villas to chill out in your own private backyard patio.

As a local, I often take day trips to the Marriott Singer Island for the triple threat: beachfront, swimming pools and spa experience!

Wellness Experiences in Palm Beach

For the Body:

Focus on physical wellbeing with things including exercise, good nutrition and rest. Take a long walk on one of the most uncrowded beaches in the area at John D. Macarthur Beach State Park. This wide open outdoor facility holds a treasure of activities with three nature trails, geocaching, kayaking and simply relaxing on a beach.

Bring a picnic and grab a tropical smoothie from one of our favorite health minded restaurants 3Natives or Amici Market. If world class golf, fishing and everything water related is your kind of meditation, that’s here too – but would have to be covered in another article.

When it’s naptime, head back to your accommodations to luxuriate in crispy clean sheets and fluffy pillows.

For the Mind:

Focus on your mental wellness by learning or practicing stress management techniques with things including pranayama (breathing exercises), reiki, reading or meditation. We love The Mind Healing Institute and Jillian Arena for their expertise in Reiki. In my pursuit to learn all modalities of wellness, a reiki session (Japanese energy healing) during the pandemic was a welcoming event.

During my treatment, I could feel heat coming off my therapist’s hands hovering above my body, like being draped with a cozy blanket. The bonus here for me, was the intuitive reading and discussion that followed the treatment. It’s personal, but let’s just say, I understand much more about ‘feeling’ less fear by being open to more grace.

For the Spirit:

Focus on your inner peace with things like journaling, yoga or time with good friends and creative pursuits. Palm Beach is home to a network of professional wellness practitioners that can come to you for a private experience. There’s nothing like a personal visit from an expert whose goal is to help you destress, you might have to pinch yourself back to reality.

Recently, I tried hypnotherapy to help process grief from a family member passing. The experience was surprisingly calming; I remembered everything she said and have noticed new and subtle changes – for instance, the pit in my stomach feeling of loss is not as strong as it was before the session. Of course, the sand and sea are fuel for your spirit too.

Have some fun visiting a beachside turtle hospital then walk out onto the Juno Beach fishing pier where you’ll find benches to sit down and contemplate, “Why I don’t live here?”

Are you feeling a bit more Zen yet?

I have come to realize that true wellness practices go beyond kale salads or the occasional massage. It’s designing a lifestyle around the Whole YOU.

Holistic wellness will look totally different from one person to the next. It is up to you to find the ways to make your whole self feel good, happy and healthy and where your brain will say: Thank you, more please.

Debbie Hudzik is a Palm Beach Florida travel agent and tour guide who helps friends handcraft their ideal wellness retreats and beach getaway experiences.