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The Lotus Travel Company by Debbie Hudzik


Meet Debbie Hudzik

Debbie Hudzik is a travel agent, retreat planner and the founder of The Lotus Travel Company.

She helps plan travel packages for people who understand the importance of having experiences over acquiring things. Her motto is, “Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Travel to learn, travel to grow.”

Facing serious mid-life burnout while living so far out of authenticity, the time had come for her to be brave. At age 52, Debbie downsized everything, left behind the comfortable and familiar and set out for the unknown. She traveled the world –alone- for a year straight on a quest of discovery. “Sure I was terrified, but, at that point, staying put, staying numb, would have been fatal. I put on my ‘I’m not scared of you armor’ and literally fell off a train in a crumpled mess in Italy. And so it began.”

Realizing that many lives are spent, in one form or another, in the pursuit of happiness, she started hosting informal guided tours of the places she lived and loved. Working with contacts she established in several countries, she began sharing insider travel knowledge with anyone who asked. Word started to spread which led to the launch of the Lotus Travel Company.

“Now we frequently work with self-help leaders and holistic practitioners who realize a live retreat is the best way for their tribes to immerse in whatever it may be they are studying. In addition to working with individuals and small groups, we are experts at handling the behind the scenes logistics for retreats”, says Debbie.

Today, the company’s mission is to redefine how you’ll plan your next getaway or retreat.

With a focus on wellness, healing holidays and local immersions, Debbie’s philosophy towards living and evolving with purpose shines in every trip she plans.

“Try a yoga class in India, learn how to mediate with monks in Thailand, take a cooking class in Mexico and hire a private guide in everyplace you visit. Why not?” Debbie is affiliated with Travel Planners International, the Tourism Council for the Palm Beaches and Holistic Health Connections.

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What a pleasure this trip was! So many extras, goodie bags with our own sarong, a cultural dinner in a local home, dancers performing just for us and excursions to the prettiest places on the island! Thank you Debbie for thinking of everything and more!!


Debbie and the team at Lotus made hosting a Bahamian retreat the adventure of a lifetime. She went to great lengths to ensure that the retreat guests had an amazing time with incredible benefits. On top of that, she facilitated a beautiful opportunity for us to give back by connecting us with the World Central Kitchen. We spent a heart opening afternoon surrounded by wonderful people from all over the world donating their services to make the world a better place. The Lotus Travel Company creates more than just vacations. They create travel opportunities with heart and soul.


Experience! Knowledge! DETAILS!! This about wraps up what my experience was like to have Debbie on our INCREDIBLE Bali trip. The love and technicalities she put into ensuring this trip met ALL of our expectations was BEYOND awe-inspiring! Debbie went out of her way to ensure our dreams and needs were met. It felt like each day was as important to her as it was to us.


What an amazing experience! Debbie is a wealth of knowledge and even more than that she is a wealth of love and deep desire to share! Travel is her passion. She sowed us all the best that Bali had to offer and she even had alternate options for when people felt like going their own way! She has yoga trips down to an art.


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