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The Lotus Travel Company by Debbie Hudzik

How our story began.

At age 52, our founder, Debbie Hudzik downsized her life and set out for the unknown. She traveled the world—alone—for a year straight on a quest of exploration. “Sure I was terrified, but, at that point, staying put, staying numb, would have been fatal. I put on my ‘I’m not scared of you’ hat and literally fell off a train in Italy,” shared Debbie.

A personal journey became a passion.

This turning point in Debbie’s life was the first step on a path of self-discovery. Along the way, she came to realize that she could help others in their pursuit of traveling with purpose. That’s when she started hosting informal, guided tours of the places she had lived and loved. Working with the contacts she had established in several countries, Debbie was excited to share insider travel knowledge with anyone who asked. Word started to spread, and that led to the launch of the Lotus Travel Company.

A perfect blend of experience

Having lived in New Jersey, Boston, California, Italy, Australia & Bali, Debbie is now based in Palm Beach, Florida. She credits her years of studying yoga and meditation in Bali, and her mastery of detail from a career in accounting, for her evolution as a travel planner who listens and delivers unique experiences for her clients.

Debbie Hudzik
Founder of Lotus Travel Company

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