5 Remarkable Things That Happen When Women Travel Together

Women’s only travel companies are seeing an increase in popularity. It is not surprising because when women get together, magic happens. Travelling with a bunch of like-minded, open hearted, ‘I need some girl time’ women is an empowering way to visit a new place. It makes so much sense to travel with people who share your interests and passions, as opposed to dragging along a husband to ‘another damn gallery’. The sense of compassion women generate means that a trip with the girls is free from negativity and reluctance.

A few surprising things also start to happen when women travel together.

They realize their true self

When women travel without their significant other or children, they are no longer someone’s wife or mother, they are just THEM! There is no need to put their interests or motives aside to look after others. All they need to do is look after themselves. This means they can focus more on their true self and tend to their needs on their terms. Being around a supportive network of women with different life experiences helps them re-find that true self that has been put on the back burner. Women are nurturers of others by default and often don’t take enough time to smell the roses in their own garden.


They gather a posse of supporters

Trying new experiences while travelling is the essence of exploring. Travelling with women will mean you develop a network of supporters that will ensure the hardest part of the hike is conquered, or will help you overcome your fear of heights. They’ll support you in buying those earrings you’ve just got to have and tell you if your butt really looks fat in those pants! This kind of support network extends further than the trip and will continue to provide support into the future because friendship solidify through journeys.

They broaden their minds

Travelling as a group of women means the interests of the group are more aligned. Female travelers can delve deeper into their interests instead of having to ensure that a vast range of interests are covered. Specialized tours for women help to expand the knowledge they bring with them and send them home with deeper knowledge and a sense of self achievement.
Support Eachother

They realize their dreams

Traveling with a group of ladies can also help develop new skills or hobbies that could change the path women take down the road of life. Trying a new dance style could inspire a desire to be the next best tango dancer, or a cooking lesson could set the fire burning to start a boutique bakery.

They fully and honestly chill out

Relaxing soothes the soul, reduces worry lines and re-aligns the mind. When girls are hanging out, it’s all about sharing, laughing and maybe a bottle of prosecco or three. No pressure to look your best or hold back your feelings. They can just let it all go. The results are so refreshing and a thousand times more valuable paying a therapist.

These lovely outcomes are only the tip of the iceberg. Supportive women who share the passion to travel will always ensure incredible things will happen along the way.

What are you waiting for?