10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Guided Tour

Guided tours often get a bad rap from people who have never experienced one. They think they are limiting and rushed. However for most people a guided tour can help them explore even more with a helping hand from an experienced guide. There are so many wonderful and unique tours available that the stereotype of thirty lost-looking people following a guide waving a flag is long gone.

Here are 10 fantastic reasons why you should book a guided tour.

Push Boundaries

For most people, travelling somewhere exotic or different can be daunting. There are so many unknowns that can push the boundaries some travelers have. Guided tours allow people to comfortably push these comfort zone barriers and experience places they might never visit. Having a knowledgeable guide to assist with any difficulties is a comforting extra for some travelers.

Make Friends

Guided tours connect you with other travelers that share similar interests. Meaning, you have brand new friends from all over the world. Exploring a new place creates an amazing bond between people so you can be sure to take home a few great friendships that will last a lifetime.

Learn More

Your tour leader is a mecca for information about the places you are visiting. They will often spend a considerable amount of time in the places you are visiting so be sure to utilize this great tool. Solo travelers have to rely on the often warped information from the internet or mis-informed advice from other travelers.

Stress Less

Precious time taken off work should be spent in the most relaxing way possible. Guided tours will minimize the stress of organization, so you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings and not planning how to get to the next place. Let’s face it, local transport can bring more headaches than it is worth and can often take longer to get from A-B. Letting your guide take care of the planning means you will have more time to relax.

Experience More

Guided tours can help travelers experience things on a local level, like traditional customs, cooking lessons, events. Without these connections travelers can get stuck in the main tourist drag and never see the true life experienced by locals.

Be Safe

Safety overseas is an important thing for all travelers to be aware of. A guided tour can add an extra level of security as the guides and the company is constantly monitoring the safety situation where their guests are. Guides will also be able to inform you about areas that are common for pickpockets, places not to go after dark and local tricks or scams.

Save Money

Cost conscientious travelers will also find guided tours can save them a bit of money. There are costs that are often forgotten about when travelling independently: airport transfers, local transport cars and entry fees to attractions. Most of these things will be included in a guided tour and in an easier and more comfortable fashion than the local train. Travelers should also weigh up the cost of renting a car vs taking an organized tour as the price point could be similar but you miss out on other fantastic benefits a guided tour offers.

Test Yourself

Group mentality can often be a terrible thing, but when it comes to travelling it can be very rewarding. The encouragement of a group to eat a weird local delicacy or try something crazy can be a life changer. The mindset of ‘if everyone is doing it, I can too’ means travelers can experience more than they would on their own.

Save Time

In the day and age where there is never enough time, making the most of your vacation is important. Guided tours offer time effective ways to see amazing places. Guided tours are planned by professionals and tested to ensure they are the best use of time and money for guests.

Make Unforgettable Memories

No matter what way you choose to travel you will always have a amazing time. Guided tours have added benefits that will ensure everyone leaves with great memories and new friends.

photo credit: Maronite Church Festival Mulbarton, Johannesburg via photopin (license)